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Limitless Festival is a vibrant summer gathering that's all about community, connection and change.

Featuring dynamic venues for youth (11-17) and young adults (17-30), as well as a packed programme of activities, sports, events, seminars, workshops, and after hours venues.

Limitless Festival is the declaration of a generation who exceed the limits of their expectations.

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SAT 6 - WED 10 AUGUST 2022

STAFFORD SHOWGROUND - Weston Rd, Stafford ST18 0BD

Camping on site on the night of 10 AUG is fine. Please be off site by 10am on 11 AUG

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AGES 0-10

Your kids will love the action-packed kid's programme, especially for the kids on site. We have two age-appropriate groups available where your kids can learn about and experience God in a fun and relevant way.  The 0-4’s venue is a safe and fun place for your little ones to learn about God through play, story, and song. The action-packed 5's-10’s programmes will be jam-packed with loads of fun, games, worship, ministry & teaching. 

[PLEASE NOTE: Limitless Festival is not currently in the position to host children’s groups. The Limitless Kids venues on site are designed to cater for the children of youth leaders and team members who bring their own children with them. Whilst safeguarding is a high priority for us during these sessions, responsibility for these children will remain solely with their parents / guardians outside of the session times]

Limitless Kids


AGES 11-17

Every morning and evening we will gather together as one LIMITLESS family. Here are five things you can expect in each session…

  1. WORSHIP: We love Jesus! We love him so much we want to sing to him together. We use song when we gather together to worship because it helps us to worship in unity, as a community, rather than as individuals doing our own thing. So let’s give God our best in worship this week!
  2. TEACHING FROM THE BIBLE: We believe that the Bible is God’s unchanging truth for all people in all generations. It guides us, corrects us, instructs us and encourages us. It is the primary way that we hear God’s voice, and that’s why we’ll open it together in every youth gathering.
  3. PRAYER: Sometime we’ll wait on God silently and see what he wants to do. Sometime the musicians will helps us. But however it looks we’ll always create an opportunity to respond to what God is doing and pray together.
  4. GOSPEL RESPONSE: We want to create loads of opportunities for people who don’t know Jesus yet to make a choice to follow him for the first time.
  5. FUN! We going to have loads of fun when we get together. That means we’ll celebrate, we’ll dance, we’ll jump, we’ll laugh. The joy of the Lord is our strength!
Limitless Festival Youth Venue


AGES 17+

Our Limitless Young Adult Venue is a vibrant space purposed to celebrate and be changed by the presence of God, to make and nurture friendships with others who experience the same daily challenges and joys we do and ultimately to gain the tools to help every young adult to follow Jesus in their context. We believe our time together not to be an escape from the rest of the year, but a time to be equipped and inspired to follow Jesus for the year ahead!

The venue is aimed at those aged 17 and above, so we also recommend that you use this space for leaders on team to take a session or two off and join us.


Limitless Young Adults

Limitless Festival Café

Sweets, Hot Chocolate, Arts and Crafts & Festival Cinema

Limitless Festival Café is where you can get all your tuck to keep you going all day long, along with a full works hot chocolate, what more do you need to keep you going all day?
The Festival Café is also where you can enjoy a bit of a quieter activity in the form of arts and crafts. Make a bracelet, a memory wall or learn how to paint a rock! The possibilities are endless. The Limitless Festival Café team will guide you through activities and are always ready for a chat.

After hours, the Limitless Festival Café turns in to the Festival Cinema. With a different movie every evening; why don't you come and get some popcorn, get comfy and chill out to a movie before bed!


Limitless Young Adults Café

AGES 17+

Really, Really Good Coffee, Seminars, & Late Night Worship

The Limitless Young Adults Café is exclusively for any guest over the age of 17.
Serving a selection of great coffee along with cakes and other snacks, the Limitless Young Adults Café should be a bit more sophisticated than the other offerings on site.

During the day there are various seminars happening to be a part of and in the evening the venue is host to the late night worship sessions. A place to continue worshipping and praising our father God away from the noise and excitement of the other late night activities.

There's always a team member on hand if you want to have a chat.
The team love great coffee and chatting... You just can't stop them!

Limitless Festival Young Adults Cafe

Youth For Christ Café

Coffee, Cake, Seminars & Open Mic Stage

This café is hosted by our friends from Youth for Christ and guess what... they love Jesus too. They love chatting about Jesus and sharing their experiences of Him with you! 
Along with a good old natter, there's cake, hot drinks, cold drinks and loads of other snacks to come and enjoy. 

During the day there's loads of seminars to take part in to learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, God's one and only son. 

After hours, the Youth for Christ team host the Open Mic Stage.
That's right, it's your turn to take the spotlight and show the world your God given talents. Whether you're the next Whitney Houston, Mozart, Diversity, Stavros Flatley, Tim Vine or Shakespeare, this is the place for you.  
Keep an eye out in the Youth for Christ Café about how you can sign up and share with the world your gifts! 

Limitless Festival YFC Cafe
Limitless Festival Open Mic

Regents Café

Coffee, Cake, Seminars & Late Night Live Music

This café is hosted by our friends from Regents Theological College. They love Jesus so much that they teach degrees about it! 
You may think this is a little highbrow for Limitless Festival, but they are masters at translating the bible into bite-size pieces that everyone can understand.

The Regents café team love a good chat over a good old cuppa and are always ready to listen. Good job there's plenty of drinks and snacks in this café to keep you all going! 

Starting with a Theology 101 seminar every day (don't worry... it's not super highbrow!), there's a whole host of seminars throughout the day to encourage you and teach you some really useful tools as you become more resilient in your walk with Jesus.

After hours, this café welcomes bands from Nexus Institute of Creative Arts who will play all your favourite party tunes. They may even accept requests if you ask really nicely! 
So get your glad rags on and get ready to dance the night away! (well... until 11.30 anyway!) 

Limitless Festival Regents Cafe
Limitless Festival Regents Cafe Seminars

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is Limitless Festival's resource and exhibition venue.
Inside The Warehouse there's loads of Christian organisations offering education, year outs, summer trips and other resources for you, your youth group and your church. 

In The Warehouse you can also buy all your Limitless Merchandise as well as books that presenters have recommended. There's also a camping store in here too. So if you need some more tent pegs or some camping gas, then this is the place to go. 
There may also be some more yummy things to eat in here too! 

So, come and take a look...

Limitless Festival Warehouse

The Hangar

The Hangar is your social space where there is LOADS of FUN!

We have everything from inflatable slides to a roller-skate rink. Computer games to table football.
There's always music playing and loads of things to get your adrenaline pumping whilst putting a smile on your face!

After Hours, The Hangar turns into the Silent Disco. With a themed night every night you can find a night that will satisfy even your group leaders!
Dance the night away to your favourite tunes from the 70's 80's 90's and 00's.

Limitless Festival Hangar
Limitless Festival Hangar Silent Disco
Limitless Festival Hangar

The Space

The Space is the place to come and be quite. Get away from the noise and spend some time with Jesus through prayer and meditation.
The team in the space are all ready to pray with you and chat about anything you want to. They'll always point you to Jesus, the source of our lives.
So if you want to come and spend some time with Jesus in a quiet, contemplative space or find someone to talk through a question or issue, The Space is the place to do this.

Limitless Festival - The Space
Limitless Festival - Prayer

Sports Field

Hopefully the title explains it... BUT WAIT! There's more!
Not only will there be football, basketball/netball, rounders tournaments a plenty, this is where our guest activities will happen too!

Everyday we have guest activity's including Slip & Slide, Climbing Walls, Foam parties, Colour Runs and Jump Bags!
So all you adrenaline junkies, get down to the sports field every afternoon to enjoy, not only some sports but some high octane activities too!

Limitless Festival Sports Field
Limitless Festival Sports Field
Limitless Festival Sports Field
Limitless Festival Sports Field

Serve on the
Limitless Festival Team

Did you know that it takes over 500 people to make Limitless Festival happen every year?

Limitless festival couldn't run without it's faithful and servant hearted team of volunteers who, year on year, come and give their time and skills for free!

Thank you to those of you who already serve. However, we still need more people to join the team and help make Limitless Festival an amazing event for everyone.

We have loads of teams to serve on, ranging from praying for people to cooking their dinner! So, if you have a love for Jesus and think you've got what it takes to help others enjoy an amazing week of life changing encounters and fun then head to the Limitless Festival Team page for more information.

In return you'll get:





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Group Leaders
Here's everything you need to know!

We've pulled together a complete guide to Limitless Festival. 
This document explains everything you would ever want to know. 
It has consent forms, young person agreements and kit lists all ready for you.
You can also download our flyer to hand out to your youth group.


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Guests with Additional Needs

We'd like to make sure our Limitless events are as accessible as possible. If someone in your group has additional needs, the main thing to be aware of is that  Limitless Festival is a camping event. The main programme will be hosted in the Bingley Hall, Staffordshire Showground, Stafford. The main event village is accessible however, the camping areas are all grass. 

It would also be really helpful if a parent/carer or youth group leader could complete the Additional Needs Information Form when registering the child/young person so that we are aware of any accommodations required for them to access the programme. We can offer a fully funded carer place to accompany any child or young person with a statement of special educational needs/EHCP plan, or a physical condition requiring direct support to access the event; and are in receipt of eligible benefits.

We have a small inclusion team at the event who will be available to assist with adjustments, accommodations and resources to support participation in the programme. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please contact us on adneeds@limitlesselim.co.uk or 01684 588 943.

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