Almost half of UK churches have fewer than 5 young people aged under 16 years

Is your church experiencing a gap in effectively reaching young people?

A recent survey of 11,700 churches discovered that nearly half (48%) have fewer than 5 under 16 year-olds*. Throughout Elim, there are a significant number of churches facing the same challenge. They either have no young people or no active youth work taking place. Is your church in this position?

*Church Growth Research Programme 2011-2013

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Need help starting a new youth ministry?

Does your church have no young people or no active youth work taking place? Do you desire to do something about your youth work gap, but don't have a clue where to start? LIMITLESS Pioneers can help you.

Want to become an intern?

Want to experience the adventure of starting something brand new with a full 11-month youth ministry training programme as you go? Become a LIMITLESS Pioneer Intern!

90% of adults currently attending church also attended as a child

John Walker, Last Chance Saloon, 2011

72% of Christians come to faith by the age of 20

Christian Research, 2010, Faith Journeys

Youth workers are the most effective type of lay workers for a growing church

Church Growth Research Programme 2013

Experience the adventure of starting brand new youth ministry in your local church to ensure a stronger tomorrow for the church today. Become a LIMITLESS Pioneers church!

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How can Limitless Pioneers help your church establish a new youth work?

Watch some of the stories about how these Elim churches have successfully pioneered new youth ministry in their church. Just click an image to see how LIMITLESS Pioneers helped to transform these churches.

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Interested in working with LIMITLESS Pioneers to establish a youth ministry in your local church or area?


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Want to know what you can expect from a LIMITLESS Pioneers project taking place in your church? Download our factsheet for more details about what's involved.

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We pray that together we can begin reaching the young people in your community to ensure a vibrant church today and a healthy church tomorrow! We look forward to partnering with you.

Experience the adventure of starting something brand new with a full youth ministry training programme as you go! Become a LIMITLESS Pioneer Intern!

What is it?

Becoming a LIMITLESS Pioneer Intern is an exciting opportunity focused on pioneering new youth ministries across the UK through schools work, detached youth work and evangelistic initiatives, in partnership with local churches.

Why do it?

During the year you will experience the adventure of pioneering something new, learn what it takes to launch a new ministry, make lifelong friends, receive high-quality training, experience more of God and see lives changed.

How does it work?

The LIMITLESS Pioneer Intern programme runs from September to July. The team, led by the course leader, are placed in a region of the UK to serve alongside local churches in reaching young people.

If you’re passionate about reaching young people, if you’re ready to be challenged and stretched as you develop your gifts and skills, then become a LIMITLESS Pioneer Intern.

Cost and Accommodation

The cost of LIMITLESS Pioneers Intern year is only £2,500, which includes your accommodation, food and training. You will live with a carefully chosen family from the local church who will help you to feel at home in your new community.

How do I apply as an Intern?

Download and fill out the application form below. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview.

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